Umai offers a selection of different noodles available in delicious Japanese style soups. All noodles come with a selection of different vegetables and an extra topping of your choice

Miso Ramen (Asian BBQ Pork)
Noodle type

Ramen is a classic type of Japanese noodle that originated in China. Made from wheat flour, they go well with all types of soup and ingredients.


Udon are thick white Japanese noodles which are popular all over Japan. They are usually served with a light soy or tsuyu flavoured soup.


Made from buckwheat, soba are thin grey noodles which are served in Japan at a variety of occasions, but most commonly at New Year.

Soup type

A soy-based soup is the most common type of noodle soup in Japan as it can be a suitable for all types of noodles.


Miso is another common base for noodle soup which originated in the northern areas of Hokkaido and goes very well with ramen.

Rich Tsuyu

Our tsuyu recipe is made from Japanese dashi fish stock, soy sauce and mirin to give it a rich, delicious flavour.

Spicy Yakisoba

Rather than actually being made from soba noodles, yakisoba is ramen style noodles made with a selection of vegetables and some spice to give it a kick.

Spicy Yakiudon

Like yakisoba, yakiudon are fried thick white Japanese noodles cooked with a selection of vegetables and spices.